Operating in the lighting industry since 1998, AYS Lighting specializes in professional lighting solutions. "ACROLITE" is a registered trademark of AYS Aydınlatma.
It has been a well-established game changer of lighting solutions for more than 20 years, with the vision of producing suitable lighting solutions for a sustainable earth, and with the mission to offer it at the best price / performance ratios.
ACROLITE, which also provides services in the field of special production with its experienced team of engineers, technicians and lighting solution providers, is at your service for the production of all kinds of designed lighting solution needs. AYS Lighting produces uninterrupted light for hundreds of projects every year at its production facility located in Istanbul Sultangazi, with its machine park powered by NC-CNC technology, capable of processing all types of sheet metal, aluminum and plastic.
ACROLITE, your lighting playground...

ACROLITE Custom Production

The design of the product in terms of optics, aesthetics and reproducibility is realized with 3-dimensional solid modeling programs and thus the production stages are made much faster with computer-aided machines.